Angélique DECHALOU


My name is Angélique, I am 35 years old and I am passionate by the universe of the dogs. It must be said that I am bathed in the dog world since my birth.

My parents, Mr. and Mrs. DECHALOU have been raising Shetland Shepherds for 13 years. He offered me my first Noisette bitch from Jardin d’Angélique for my 4 years.

It is also at this age that I started to introduce the dogs of my parents in exhibition and junior handling during a demonstration of the Shetland Club of France, with Looping of Val Guillon (Champion of France and Champion international of beauty).

If you want me to introduce your dog, I will do it with great pleasure regardless of race and class of commitment. If I am available of course.

Tel: 04 79 83 18 58

To get a sense of my training, here’s an article I wrote on how to get your dog to stop barking excessively:

Dog Barking is one of the main behavioral problem that dog owners face. In this article I’m going to go over two things. The causes of excessive dog barking and most importantly the solutions to excessive dog barking!

What causes dog barking?

The four major causes of excessive dog barking are as follows:

1. Boredom and frustration. If a dog has nothing to do but bark that’s often what they will do. When you are leaving your dog alone at home try to think of something to keep them interested and engaged while you are gone. If you have more than one dog then that will much easier. Multiple dogs can keep each other company and will not become as bored. Try make sure there are chew toys and bones around for your dog(s) to play with when they are home alone. One hint I have is to put some peanut butter inside of a toy so that your dog has to really reach in to get it. This could engage your dog for hours without overfeeding him.

2. Dogs bark when they are scared. Some dogs are afraid of thunder. Loud noises that a dog is not used to will frighten them

3. Territory protection. Your dog wants to keep your place safe from intruders. This includes anyone who happens to walk by. The mailman. Pretty much everyone but you. This may be one of the reasons you have your dog but if it becomes an issue with your neighbors it may be something you need to address. No one wants to hear their neighbors dog barking all day.

4. Separation anxiety is a common cause of dog barking. How often do you see a dog start to bark as soon as their owner leaves them? Dogs love human companionship. Dogs are also very regimented animals. They like to follow a schedule. If you are gone for longer than usual this may cause them to bark. For example if you usually get home at 6 PM and then you get home at 11 PM one night you may find that your dog has been barking for the past 5 hours (the note from your neighbor on the door lets you know about that!)

How to stop excessive dog barking.

1. Adequate exercise. Dogs need a lot of exercise and general activity. They become very restless if they do not get some regular exercise. This restlessness can lead to more barking. If you don’t have a ton of time to spend exercising your dog, consider getting a top rated automatic fetch machine and a large indoor dog playpen. These two will keep your dog busy all day long, while still remaining safe in your home. You can find more great dog product reviews at

2. Socialization. Dogs do best when they get to visit other dogs. If you only have one dog then this can be during his daily walks. It’s best for your dog if he can go out and see other dogs at a local park.

3. Staying comfortable. Dogs that are left in dog crates or left outdoors are much more likely to bark excessively. A dog that is not happy is much more likely to bark. If you cannot care for your dog properly then you shouldn’t have a dog.

4. Toys. Dog toys can help keep a dog stimulated. A bored dog is a barking dog.

5. Spend time with your dog. Try to spend at least some time every day with your dogs. This bonding time will make your dog very happy.

6. Teach your dog commands to bark only at the right time. This will teach your dog that there are only some times that are allowable for barking.

7. Desensitize your dog from noise that scare him.